Who we are

MarcaClac is a little workshop based in Milano, Italy,  which in 2002 started a sperimental research in order to find a new innovative builidng ways, different from the traditional ones used for the fabbrication of custom-made furniture. In 2005 MarcaClacSistema became patented technology to realize the so called: Evolved Furniture.

We critically analyzed the traditional productive process, regarding the machinary and the materiales needed. From there on, we thought it all over from an energy saving and reduction of the impact on enviorment prospective.

MarcaClac is the company which owns the molds and the die castings of all the patented elements of the system.

The idea which had inspired the technology comes from a very deep, lifelong experience of the entire wood-working field of his inventor, Sergio Cattaneo.

He personally was engaged throughout the all steps of traditional handcraft production of furniture, from the assembly stage in the clients’s houses, to the planning of machinery lines for the industrial wood manufacturing in Russia.