Sergio Cattaneo an Italian furniture designer and manufacturer with decades-long experience has reinvented the laborious traditional building methods to make them cheaper and more sustainable. He has devised, patented, and extensively used an alternative production process that is sustainable and universal, inspired by the principles of Circular Economy, for the construction of made-to-measure wall furniture. The efficiency and advantages of this technology are demonstrated by the dependable outcomes of its wide application.

The technology is the result of a deep knowledge of traditional methods and the desire and necessity to innovate in the direction of sustainability in the furniture and design sector, according to the principles of the Circular Economy. The innovation concerns the manufacturing PROCESS, and therefore the PRODUCT as well.

The manufacturing process is radically simplified and the application of the technology is universal. It is ideal for any kind of furniture: closets, wardrobes, kitchens, bookshelves, stairs, partition walls; and it is suited to all environments, be it the home, the office, a shop, a public building, both indoors and outdoors.

The fundamental innovation that led to the creation of a patent relies on a different conception of space, of the relation of full and empty spaces, and of heavy and light parts. It enables to consider the space of a house or a room as a great container to be subdivided into islands, which, once demarcated and closed, will become empty volumes of space that can be freely equipped according to the chosen purpose. The technology’s structural, module-less working enables us to consider the existing walls, the floors, and the ceilings of buildings as suitable parts of a furniture, thus avoiding having to duplicate their surfaces with unnecessary materials and work.

The key difference of the patent rests in the mechanical self-supporting function of the technology, which forms the skeleton of any piece of furniture, in a universal and module-less manner.

The wall furniture created with this technology belong to a new generation of responsible products. Their design joins synergically values and advantages that interact to create new opportunities in 4 different areas: