The building technolgy MarcaClacSistema.

The building technolgy MarcaClacSistema

MarcaClacSistema introduced a new concept of furniture building: three light  aluminum profiles, a joint ”EG”, a shelf holder “RR” and special screws. That’s everything needed to create any kind of furniture: attic closets, kitchens, bookshelves, interior dividing walls, extraoridnary closets, for all types of spaces: houses, offices, public spaces, for both internal and external use.

Technology elements

By joining pillars and beams profiles with the “EG” joint you will be able to build a light, stable, costumizable self-supporting frame. This mechanical building way ensures more stability to furniture and allowes to reuse all the elements in order to obtain a new furniture.

The inner charactheristics of the proflies make them compatible with almost all available hardware on the market, such as: shelf holders, drawer slides, lights, hinges for swing doors and so on.

MarcaClacSistem Technology

There are many advantages and benefits in the using of this system.

On the production prospective:

  • Time and energy saving in the manufacturing stage
  • Reduction of the working effort and the skill level in wood-working manufacturing
  • The system’s aim is to reduce the use of professional power tools in order to allow average people to being able to build thier own custom-made furniture
  • Less stock space needed

On the final product prospective:

  • No limitations on standard furniture sizes or dimensions
  • Adaptability to any architechtural features and scenarios
  • The characteristcs of stability and solidity will increase the product life span
  • Full usage of space
  • Each individual product requires the 60% of wood less to be built
  • All the elements of the systems are specifically concived to be repurposed
  • Lower prices