All that in one, simple, smart and innovative system for furniture production.

MarcaClac is a patented system to build made-to-measure furniture.

It is simple and intuitive in its working: made of extruded aluminium profiles and a special joint connecting them, it enables to build a light and solid self-supporting structure for any kind of interiors (furniture, stairs, internal equipped walls etc.).

This structure forms the internal ‘skeleton’ of a piece of furniture, leaving customers free to choose the outer materials and final appearance.

Since the profiles can be cut according to any measure, each piece of furniture made with MarcaClac is not limited to standard sizes, but can be extended in all directions in a ‘continuous’ module-free way, reaching even greater depths and optimizing space by perfectly adhering to the peculiar characteristics of each space.

The radical simplicity and intuitiveness of the system enables the creation of ad-hoc solutions in few simple steps, thus saving time and labour, and reducing energy and machinery use.