This technology aims to introduce an innovative building concept for the manufacturing of custom-made furniture. This method enhances characteristics of functionality and eco-friendliness. MarcaClac’s building concept synergically joins values and advantages that create new opportunities mainly in two different areas:




Contrary to the traditional ‘modular’ building system (which works by joining standard modules, even in made-to-measure designs), this technology can develop freely in all three dimensions, continuously, without limits. It ensures an optimization of the use of space, exploiting every inch. Briefly:

– Functional Personalization, without any standard dimension to conform to.

– Adaptability to any architectural or environmental peculiarity.

Avoid structural modifications of the enviroment.

– Direct mounting of internal equipment to the structure.

– Millimetric positioning of equipment.

– Ability to reach great depths.


The technology enables a wood use reduction of up to 70%, as well as saving labour and energy during production and transport of every component necessary for manufacturing.

The MarcaClac furniture are products designed and created using only what is necessary and able to remain in an open life cycle. Following the principles of circular economy, it introduces the possibility of reuse and redeployment of all the elements of the technology in new and different furniture. Briefly:

-Saving on wood and materials up to 70%.

Reduction of more than 70% in terms of weight and storage volume.

-Lower prices.

Reduction in construction machinery.

-Saving on energy during production phases.

-Increase in furniture life-span.- Separability of all components.

-Full scale reusability